8/5 gooooood day

Long day but certainly a good one, woke up about 11 and rolled out of bed to go to Band Practice, we sound great and I’m so psyched. Some people think I’m crazy for dropping out of the band I was going to go on tour with, but I don’t regret it for a second. After practice I went to MAMS to play frisbee with some people, but that changed into soccer afterward. I then headed home, and after dinner went to the mall with some friends, we then played basketball after that….

I leave for Cali on saturday and seriously can’t wait
Well I Now wrote a tumblr post and have run out of things to do at 2AM….but im still not tired =/

Took a day off

For the first time this summer, I didn’t go out at all, I took a day to stay in and clear my head, and it was exactly what I needed….I played a lot of guitar and rocked on the cajun for awhile. I wrote 2 songs today also which was a good way to exhault my feelings. I re-discovered the fact I have oovoo, so if you are reading this request me on oovoo (xxlandixx615) An un-eventful day but w/o a doubt a day that i certianly needed.


I wont change who I am to fit anyone or anything…You can love me or hate me, that choice is yours…I recently have not fallen into a good place, I have a loud shrieking headache, and the thoughts that flow through my head aren’t helping at all. I had a great start to my day and for just about 95% of it, it was great…Funny how receiving news at what…10:15? can just shut you down…..Its very rare in my life I ever question myself, who I am, and what I stand for, but tonight I’m doing just that. I feel like a complete asshole for even posting this on a public website for people to just openly see, but whatever, it helps me vent a bit. All i know is, there isn’t much sleep headed my way tonight, I’ll be spending a lot of time thinking things through..I have “Lapse” and “Starving Your Friends” by Envy On the coast on loop on my itunes….so funny how music can just exhault your emotions, music is just the language of the soul. It’s movement that words fail to describe and can only be explained by feeling, rather than explaining….
oyyyy Here’s looking to tomorrow!


THIS IS GOING TO BE THE GREATEST TUMBLR POST EVER!!!!!!!  I saw the Goo Goo Dolls tonight, and I’ve emailed this band back and forth for 2 years, I mostly talked to Robby (the bassist) but talked to John a time or two…but I have been waiting to see them….I’ve waited so long to see them, they have been my favorite band since I was a youngling and still are today…and after tonight looks like it will remain that way forever

I have seen many bands in my short life, Boston, Earth Wind And Fire, Zebrahead, Journey, you name it its a long list. But the Goo Goo Dolls blew each and everyone of them out of the water. The band all around was strong and I loved every note they played.


But There was a moment, when John was playing “Acoustic #3” that it felt like time froze and all the sound in the venue vanished, I just looked at John Rzeznik and the song “If I could Be Like That” by 3 doors down rang in my head…And thats when something occurred to me.

Many people, especially in the last two years, have told me that I should pursue a career in music…I brushed it off most of the time b/c i figured “yeah right, like that could happen to me.” No matter how much praise I received and no matter who from, I never considered myself good enough…Even when I sent an acoustic demo to The goo goo dolls (basically Robby) even he loved it incredibly….So during that moment I realized, I am an idiot for not pursuing this, it is my dream, and a dream should be pursued, It took me so long to realize, that everyone believes in me and thinks i have a shot. EXCEPT ME….That changes now, look I know the odds are against me and its a long shot, but I’m going for it!

all in all it was a wonderful night , and there are very few moments in my life that I would relive, but i could relive this night over and over.

P.S. Ms. Cronin gave me her number and I have to tell her when the next foo fighters concert is..MLIA


Had a rough start to my day, dealt with something I dont think Ill post here, but its all good now yo =) MY refrigerator broke today so we had to stuff all our food stuff in the basement fridge, which is great because I spend most of my time down here. At about 7 me and my friends played soccer at Camp Ave like we do every wed. now. After that we went back to my friends house and just basically relaxed for the night. All in all a good day. but I cant wait for tomorrow, In the early morning I am going on a run  at about 10am and then after that I have Band practice, which I always love. And will likely be meeting up with my friends at night. Until then, just another post on tumblr =p


A lot on my mind, the good and the bad….At some points I just find myself deep in thought about situations I felt like I could have prevented or stopped, but regardless I know there was nothing I could have done. I guess sometimes you have to accept what’s done is done and just carry on with your life.
The good stuff however is whats keeping me up-beat! The fundraising concert I’m holding is unfolding well and it looks like it is going to be a hell of a turnout! Plus based off how my band has been sounding at practice, I’m really psyched for us to play I think we sound great. Definitely the best band I’ve been a part of, even better then the one that was going to go on tour with. Whats also great is I’m having fun and sending the message through the songs that I want to send, and those to me are the 2 most important things.

7/05 Sun, Sun, Sun

Coming off of independence day for some reason I just couldnt sleep….I stayed up till 7am and only slept till 9am…When i woke up I headed to the beach with my friends Vogel,Scott,Bianca,and Krysten…Afterward we headed back to Vogels house and we hopped in his pool. When that was all said and done, I then actually met up with my friends Kevin and Jimmy and we hopped into jimmys pool lol..When I came home, I ate dinner then went to the mall with my friend Pat and I bought my dad his birthday gift! I later met up with some friends when I came home and just chilled for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow is a huge day for me, I have to finalize the insurance policy for the fundraiser concert/show I’m holding for the invisible children…Anybody who is reading/creeping on this hahaha, If your up to it, text/call/FB-Im me, because I could use some help for this show…You can help in any way you want which could be something as simple as answering a few questions, to something as large as being a merch-salesmen or ideas for the show

Anyway its 12:26AM and rly dont see myself falling asleep until 2:30ish, so here’s to the rest of the night =P

Been Quite Some Time…

Haven’t written on here in awhile. and for me to write everything thats happened in my life since would be just alitle too much…Regardless i`m still in shock high school is over…but i couldnt have asked for a better last-day, which includes a 5th period courtyard sing along and leading a pack of seniors through the halls chanting various things….Prom is tomorrow and I honestly cant wait its going to be one of the best nights of my life.  I also Purchased a new guitar, a taylor 110. Its the greatest instrument i’ve ever played! I love it so much. Come The 28th I’ll be practicing with my band again after all this graduation stuff is over, I’m so pumped for this project and I’m putting together a benefit show together as a fundraiser for the invisible children foundation I’m getting a few bands including my own to play, the date it most likely will be on is august 19th…All in all I have my ups and downs right now, but I couldn’t be happier with what is and what will be 

And I’ve come to one conclusion that, in 31 years I’ve found out that everybody in the world… everybody in the world is a little bit fucked up. Okay. And its okay, it’s okay. When you’re young, you think it’s just you. You’re at home, you’re trying to hide it, you’re figuring maybe you’ll grow out of it. You know, maybe you’ll get like all the other people. What you don’t know when you’re young is that it’s everybody, man. Everybody is a little bit fucked up.

And as you get older you have two kinds of people. You have the fortunate people who realize it early on, man. They let their freak flag fly. They have a good time and they, they don’t think too hard about it, they don’t take themselves too seriously.

And then there’s those poor bastards on the other side that are still trying to play it cool, man. Everyday. “I’m not fucked up”.

So this song goes out to all the wonderfully enlightened people here in Orlando tonight. That know that it’s okay to be a little bit fucked up every now and then



Today was a fun day, I had softball practice with my team and scrimmaged some guys and won 34-20, I then went to the mall with Katie, Pat, and Vogel but would then return to merrick to meet up with Staci, Chris, Krysten, and Ariel…We found it kind of funny that everyone that was there tonight was with their Prom Dates, so that was a cool coincidence. I wont lie though, the car rides were probably the more fun part of the night, just because its always fun when your either singing/screaming along to a song, Yelling at people out the window, or just straight up laughing about anything with your friends…All in all I had a great day, and hope to get some sleep for mothers day 2morrow (but thats prolly not happening)